Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Out With The Old… In With The New!

My daughter has a lovely bedroom, decorated in fresh duck egg blue paint, which is obscured by her many teen loves who gaze adoringly at her from a multitude of posters, prints and drawings all over the walls.  She loves spending time in her tiny haven but there is one problem.  She is 5ft 6" and growing... her bed is a high sleeper.

It's a wonderful piece of furniture that we scrimped and saved for intending it to last her for years... and it has until now.  I never gave a thought to this bit of forward planning when we bought the bed.  We thought about school work - hence it has a desk.  We thought about storage - hence it has shelves, and we thought about sleepovers so it has a pull out chair bed. In fact it is perfect in every way, except one!  Now she has to wiggle like a snake to get onto the actual bed and has to remember when she wakes up not to sit up!  A lesson she has learnt the hard way with many many bumps to the head.  She has now taken to sleeping on the pull out, a pull out meant for occasional use, whilst her lovely tempur mattress lies unused and useless five feet above her. 

This photo was taken in the middle of the day with the light on... another problem with this bed is that it drains all the light out of the room.

I'd love to be able to change it for her; something like this would be ideal.
Barcelona Sleep Station Cabin Bed (RHF Ladder)

It solves the desk problem, it solves the storage problem and it solves the major, will she hit her head when she wakes up? problem.   I can always buy another chair bed to go alongside for sleep overs.
If you like this as much as me you can find it here at Furniture Choice. 
Hopefully, Furniture Choice will decide that M deserves to get the chance to kick out the old and get in with a new bed.

If you have a piece of furniture that really needs changing then let them know via your blog and enter the competition here - just in the nicest possible way, don't make your entry better than mine!


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